Infant ducklings and koalas

Welcome to the Infant Rooms – 8 weeks to 18 months

Our goal in our infant rooms is to provide a safe, loving environment where your baby can develop their unique personality at their own pace.  We strive to make the transition from home life to childcare as relaxing as possible on both baby and parents.
We have two infant rooms that work together to support our babies, families and each other to develop activities that foster each child’s developmental growth.
In our Duckling Room, the infants are 8 weeks to about 1 year old. We know that this is the most difficult time to be leaving your child in the care of another person.  We partner with our parents to develop individual routines with eating and napping by daily contact and information sheets that are updated as often as needed.  This is the time when babies grow socially and emotionally through holding, feeding and playing.
As our babies become mobile at about a year they move up to our Koala Room.  In this room they are given the space to move about by running, climbing and exploring without worry of our younger babies.  We still continue to work with parents on individual routines and encourage their growth into toddlers.